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How AI Creates Time And Supercharges Team Performance

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Team-GPT offers an intuitive GPT chat for your whole company. Imagine a shared workspace where everyone can share knowledge, collaborate, and master AI together. It comes with online courses, saved prompts, templates, adoption reports, and whatnot.

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Feasibility Analisys

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In the challenge presented by the evolving AI landscape with Chat-GPT-4, Team-GPT, together with our venture building cooperative, set out to revolutionize team productivity. Our goal was to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) not just for individual improvement, but to enhance knowledge sharing and optimize efficiency at the team level

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Market Urgency

The need to swiftly penetrate a fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving AI productivity market.

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Technical Precision

Strategically choose a tech stack that ensure scalability, efficiency, and innovation for Team-GPT, balancing expertise in certain areas with the need to adopt new solutions, all without the support of a dedicated devops team.
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B2B Transition

The complex shift from consumer focus to meeting the sophisticated demands of enterprise clients, requiring adaptability and unwavering commitment to service excellence.


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Strategic Partnership & Agile Tech Leadership

Leveraging ‘CTO as a Service’, our collaboration with Iliya Valchanov’s team enabled us to refine our tech stack efficiently, making strategic decisions with agility. This innovative model, coupled with our technical team’s expertise, led to the rapid development of an MVP in just seven days. Our approach melded high-level technical mastery with the flexibility needed to swiftly navigate the evolving AI landscape

Built in Public

Engaging Community & Amplifying Momentum, our ‘building in public’ strategy harnessed the AI hype effectively. By sharing our development journey openly, we attracted attention, gathered real-time feedback, and built a community of early adopters. This transparency not only fostered trust but also accelerated our validation and adaptation process, aligning perfectly with our core values.

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Agile Design Thinking

Iterative & User-Centric Approach, we adopted the design thinking methodology in an agile fashion, focusing on understanding user needs, ideating solutions, and rapidly prototyping. This flexible adaptation ensured that we stayed user-focused and nimble, enabling us to meet market demands efficiently while embedding our belief system of collaboration, productivity, and shared knowledge into every aspect of Team-GPT.

Impact Story

iliya valchanov

“Partnering with Camplight was key for Team-GPT. Their swift dev process allowed us to quickly launch our MVP. Later our ‘build in public’ strategy fostered our growth and allowed us to collect feedback faster, growing a dedicated early user community. The experience was a great journey to say the least!”

Iliya Valchanov, CEO of Team-GPT

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