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We build groupware products to help you achieve your team goals. Check them out

Time-tracking bot for Trello

Assista frees you from tracking time manually for you and your team and does that automatically based on your Trello actions

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Team journaling app

Moodlight helps your group to share their feelings as a practical tool for helping remote groups to accept the emotional climate of a the gathering

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AI team collaboration hub

Team-GPT is a secure powerful collaboration tool that enables ChatGPT users to collaborate on threads and prompts, get charged only for their usage, and share their best conversations with external people.

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Camplight is a venture-building platform cooperative. We’ve been crafting meaningful software since 2012. Our focus on evolving human collaboration is from the inside out – from how we operate internally to how we collaborate with partners and what types of products we forge for users. If this inspires you, why don’t we join our “lights” for better illumination?