Let's build meaningful digital experiences together

Connect with a service venture building cooperative evolving human collaboration with software craftsmanship

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Our impact can
evolve yours

We’ve worked with small to enterprise organizations helping them with their digital ventures while growing together with at least 36% CAGR.

Some of our partners include

Since 2012 we have

flexible partnership timeframes

from one week to seven or more years

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1200+ consulted requests

which we were thrilled by their requirements


over 300 deployed projects

with comfort from cloud to on-premise environments

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variable budget scopes

from $1000 to $800k for architecting digital experiences


We’re comfortable going beyond with you.

Partner with us for conscious digital journeys

Leverage the industry-specific experience and cross-industry knowledge we gained by building dedicated product teams and creating software solutions. Our expertise helped over 80 partners from startups to scaleups to achieve tangible results in value-adding sectors.

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Collaboration with energizing models

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We augment your team with competence to sketch, design, prototype, build, deploy, measure, and grow. So you can focus on the essentials while we handle the rest with our self-managed processes

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Joint ventures

You can supplement your capabilities with our motivation and resources. We are bootstrappers by heart and know how to handle the entire field of venture activities to achieve meaningful outcomes.

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Consultations & Workshops

We failed many times to learn the hard lessons, so you don’t have to. Тhat’s why we can be your thinking partner if you need product strategy, business or engineering tinkering, consulting, or coaching.

Enrich your lifestyle with our products

We facilitate digital places and products for people to gather purposely. Our ecosystem is nourished by the products we initiate and we endeavor to help your communities the same way.

Time-tracking bot for Trello

Assista frees you from tracking time manually for you and your team and does that automatically based on your Trello actions

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Team journaling app

Moodlight helps your group to share their feelings as a practical tool for helping remote groups to accept the emotional climate of a the gathering

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AI team collaboration hub

Team-GPT is a secure powerful collaboration tool that enables ChatGPT users to collaborate on threads and prompts, get charged only for their usage, and share their best conversations with external people.

Cultivate your humanity in
our self-managed culture

We invite you to bring your whole-self, with all imperfections, vulnerability and loving kindness in an environment that nurtures growth mindsets.

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We share contributions​

Everybody wants to keep the fire burning so we can thrive. You can contribute labor or other resources to receive dynamic equity and yield.

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We share freedom

Cooperation is dynamic. You can be part of different initiatives, teams and roles. Lead or follow in a collaborative ecosystem.

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We share trust

Everything inside is transparent. You can pull or push information in order to act on it in asynchronous way.

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We share ownership

Everybody is a co-owner of the cooperative. Engage with us in participatory decision makings and facilitation.

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Camplight is a venture-building platform cooperative. We’ve been crafting meaningful software since 2012. Our focus on evolving human collaboration is from the inside out – from how we operate internally to how we collaborate with partners and what types of products we forge for users. If this inspires you, why don’t we join our “lights” for better illumination?