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We have 300+ projects
delivered in various industries.

We have helped various digital ventures growing together with at least 36% CAGR. View our impact

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We are 17+ core members and a network of 800 more.

You can rely on our specialized knowledge and skills to make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and deliver high quality software. View how we partner

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Our tech radar is covering more than 70% of top 10 technologies.

The technology landscape evolves rapidly. We stay competitive by learning quickly and adapting to new tools, frameworks, and methodologies. View our products

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We’re crafting since 2012 and have 90% return rate of partners.

Fostering mutual trust is paramount to the successful creation of tailored financial technology solutions. View our culture that delivers trust.

We invest our energy in FinTech software development

Fintech product development combines tech expertise and financial knowledge to create secure and easy-to-use solutions that help our monetary actions. And those are big part of our lives.

Types of FinTech value
we have unlocked


CSoft is a certified software company with more than 24 years of experience in developing specialized banking and financial software. For us Camplight is primarily a creative, professional and rich set of IT-Jedi, specialists in various areas of WEB (and not only) services. In the last two years, they have been our reliable partner, giving us a wide range of digital solutions, starting with building up customer WEB presence, passing through various design concepts and ending with 2D-video and audio installation services. The team has always strived for full transparency of the involved parties and delicately has facilitated an adequate management of the entire process. The most important for us is the successful and timely completed projects.

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“Keep up the good work, Camplighters!”

Hristian Atanasov, CTO of CSoft

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Investment Banking Digital Transformation
(under NDA)

We harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for precise matchmaking and deployment of capital. Utilizing big data ETL for enriched insights, and unlocking the potential of a $1 billion/year opportunities pipeline. Redefine your financial future today.

investment banking

VC Custom Tech
(under NDA)

We led data-driven transformation to help the a VC fund deploy their latest $85M fund.
vc custom tech

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
(Under NDA)

A healthcare chatbot helping a hospital to improve their $7M/month online appointments funnel with custom made LLM.
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Why FinTech

Why FinTech Product Development?

According to GlobeNewswire

64% of global consumers use FinTech for money transfers and payments.

The CAGR for the FinTech Market is 25.12%.

Last year, almost 26,000 financial firms were established.

The projected rise from 2023 to 2027 is anticipated to reach a total of 4.5 trillion U.S. dollars, marking a substantial increase of 94.88 percent.

What are the business challenges custom FinTech software overcomes?

high cost

High Cost

Tailored FinTech solutions can optimize cost structures by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and reducing fees associated with traditional financial processes.
risk management

Risk Management

Tailored FinTech solutions can offer risk assessment tools and predictive analytics, helping businesses identify potential risks and make informed risk management decisions.
security concerns

Security Concerns

Custom FinTech products can incorporate robust security features, encryption, and authentication methods to mitigate risks and protect sensitive financial information.


Poor User Experience

Personalized fintech solutions offer user-centric interfaces and experiences, making it easier for customers to navigate and interact with financial services.

Compliance with Government Regulations

The finance industry is among the most tightly regulated sectors, where government intervention remains a constant, even if you opt for conventional FinTech software that doesn’t incorporate blockchain and other pivotal technologies.

Our take on the financial industry ?

FinTech solutions have a direct impact on our wallets and payments. This means we rely on software for our livelihoods. We recognize the importance of having FinTech products that work for us. And we do our best to crate them. FinTech will continue to be at the center of capitalism and we want to help it transcend.

We have been partners or the primary catalyst for both big and small adventures

Here’s the methodology we apply

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explore the problem

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build the right thing

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build the thing right

Being empathetic on every stage of a digital journey is easy for us. We understand that developing a product consists of variable moving parts and interactions while having a specific goal in mind. If you need a thinking partner to explore new grounds and build feedback loops in your growth model, we would be happy to work better together to resolve all of this while maintaining focus on the user experience.

See what you can expect from us


We endeavour to understand the unique facets of your business and help you reach your objectives. Rather than treading the path of micromanagement, we believe in taking initiative. That’s how we build meaningful software.

self management


We ensure you’re well-informed throughout every phase of the project through consistent feedback sessions. Our goal is to align you seamlessly with our process.


Campfires can burn fast and furious if you don’t plan for the long-term. We try to exercise this mental model with the creations we craft and the processes we apply. Sustainability secures our future by nurturing the present.



At the heart of all our endeavours lie relationships built on trust. We take responsibility for your project’s direction, while also anticipating your involvement when required.

We translate ideas into products. Let’s hear yours.

We offer three dynamic collaboration frameworks tailored to your FinTech needs

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We augment your team with competence to sketch, design, prototype, build, deploy, measure, and grow. So you can focus on the essentials while we handle the rest with our self-managed processes

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Joint ventures

You can supplement your capabilities with our motivation and resources. We are bootstrappers by heart and know how to handle the entire field of venture activities to achieve meaningful outcomes.

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Consultations & Workshops

We failed many times to learn the hard lessons, so you don’t have to. Тhat’s why we can be your thinking partner if you need product strategy, business or engineering tinkering, consulting, or coaching.

For us, integrating empathy into each phase of a digital journey is a must-have to accelerate your product flywheels. We’re ready to be your collaborative partner.


What makes a good FinTech product?

FinTech products thrive on user-centricity, trust, and innovation. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • User-Centric: Tailored to evolving user needs.
  • Trustworthy: Emphasizes security and compliance.
  • Innovative: Always ahead of industry trends.

Ready to create an exceptional FinTech product? Let’s start your journey.
Product-led growth will be central.

Costs vary widely. Consider:

  • Varied Factors: Scope, complexity, time pressure, business and regulatory requirements, tech stack.
  • Team-product-market fit: Capabilities and competencies needed

Want a tailored cost estimate? Reach out to us now.

Strategic investments yield substantial ROI if they can be continuously de-risked. Fintech is projected to become a $1.5 trillion industry by 2030 and it’s growing everywhere.

fintech growth
cost effective2

This is a critical question – it is always costly to ideate and develop a product. Balancing cost efficiency while maintaining quality is essential for the overall success. We can assist in implementing a rational approach to the development process.

  • Open-Source Solutions: Cost-effective and reliable.
  • Lean Approach: Launch with core features, then expand.
  • Agile Development: Flexibility and iterative improvements.

Overspending is a risk for the entire venture. We will hold you and ourselves accountable and responsible to think and execute in a cost-effective manner.

It’s a balance between customization and speed leveraging your long-term strategy. Weigh your options:

  • Building: Tailored solutions for unique differentiation.
  • Buying: Speedy deployment with potential trade-offs.

Need guidance on the best approach? Let’s discuss.

With over 1200 consulted projects we can chart you a course and challenge your thinking in the entire spectrum of decision-making so we can converge better on the products’ lifecycle.

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Efficiency starts with clarity and collaboration. Achieve faster delivery by:

  • Clear Vision: Set a well-defined product roadmap.
  • Collaboration: Ensure team alignment.
  • Modern Methodologies: Lean, Agile and DevOps practices.

Looking how to handle the delicate balance ? Let’s accelerate together.

development plan

Progress is the compass that guides us toward the future we envision. The commitment to continuous improvement, where teams are constantly seeking to enhance their skills, processes, and the product itself, ultimately leads to quality software. 
We adhere to a three-pronged approach to enhance the quality of our products:

  • Implement User Feedback Loops
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

We encourage you to align with our foundational set of practices that we can collaboratively refine over time.


We see challenges and risks not as roadblocks, but as shaping forces for our product. Some common constraints include:

  • Architecture: The cost of solutions can affect strategy and planning.
  • Business: Balancing different objectives, particularly in regards to regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Technology: Current technological capabilities may not always be sufficient, even with integrations.
  • Project: Potential issues could arise from budget constraints, tight timelines, or resource shortcomings.

Our goal is to manage these challenges transparently and strive for a balanced approach in product development.

Venture builders are acting as mastermind communities, incubators and accelerators. They reshare R&D know-how from different industries. 

  • Talent Community: Venture builders bring together a pool of skilled professionals who are dedicated to your project’s long-term success. This offers a stark contrast to outsourcing agencies that may focus only on short-term project completion.
  • Tech & know-how re-usage: Venture builders leverage shared R&D expertise from various industries, allowing for innovative, efficient, and robust FinTech solutions. This cross-industry knowledge reuse gives your project a competitive edge.
  • Process best practices: Venture builders implement best practices in processes, ensuring efficient execution, faster time-to-market, and scalability for your FinTech product.

Performance with a venture builder is significantly improved compared to the alternatives.


Our zone of genious is to help end-to-end. This is how a
venture builder can be responsible for holistic results,
as we can cover the whole spectrum.


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Camplight is a venture-building platform cooperative. We’ve been crafting meaningful software since 2012. Our focus on evolving human collaboration is from the inside out – from how we operate internally to how we collaborate with partners and what types of products we forge for users. If this inspires you, why don’t we join our “lights” for better illumination?