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Our impact can
evolve yours

We’ve helped various digital ventures growing together with at least 36% CAGR.

Since 2012 we have

flexible partnership timeframes

from one week to seven or more years

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1200+ consulted requests

which we were thrilled by their requirements


over 300 deployed projects

with comfort from cloud to on-premise environments

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variable budget scopes

from $1000 to $800k for architecting digital experiences


We’re charged
going beyond with you.

Your evolving ideas supported with our success

We have been companions or the main driving force behind big and small adventures. Let the following case studies serve as an inspiration.

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61% of US based employees don’t feel confident negotiating thus there are great opportunity costs for our human collaboration when value-adding companies are not able to negotiate effectively.


A unified framework for planning and executing negotiations powering Fortune 500 to make their deals. Driving internal alignment with real-time collaboration, leveraging cross functional team synergies. Providing a real time feedback and negotiation specific guidance in every deal.


01.2022 and ongoing


Up to 8 people

Group 116
Group 117
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Customizable policlinic software is very hard to integrate, usually making policlinics end up with multiple fragmented systems thus we embarked on a technical journey to develop one for our partners.


ERP healthcare system for hospitals, evolving towards providing a complete electronic health record for patients, access to administrative and medical documents, telemedicine and integrations with other medical software – like specialized medical call center for patient care.


06.2016 and ongoing


Up to 12 people

Group 118
Group 121
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We had a burning desire to contribute to a sustainable future through digitalization so we partnered with the leading provider of asset management and real-time data management solutions to renewable- and energy asset owners.


Data management platform with
actionable insights for renewable
asset owners, analyzing over 3.5TB of data. Prediktor automates asset management of portfolios with expertise in advanced prediction models to deliver future-proof solutions and no vendor lock-in.


12.2020 and ongoing


4 people

Group 118 1
Group 120

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Camplight is a venture-building platform cooperative. We’ve been crafting meaningful software since 2012. Our focus on evolving human collaboration is from the inside out – from how we operate internally to how we collaborate with partners and what types of products we forge for users. If this inspires you, why don’t we join our “lights” for better illumination?