We have experience doing

Project management, leading & coordination

Camplight is entirely decentralised from day one. That’s why we've mastered remote work with people in all corners of the world. We deliver every project with outstanding quality.

New York

Backend development

We wake up and go to sleep with REST APIs, sockets and beautifully orchestrated microservices. We’ve used every mainstream database out there - from MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis to PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Frontend development

Our toolbelt consists of HTML5, CSS3, relevant preprocessors and template engines all powered by impressive frameworks and libraries such as AngularJS & ReactJS. Everyday our dreams are filled with webGL beauties, and of course we eat responsive design for breakfast.


Our creativity thrives by creating delightful interactions, meaningful brand identity, excellent user experience, useful information architecture and gorgeous visual design. We design and ideate for wearable, mobile and desktop devices.

Native mobile development

We feel thrilled to deliver quality on App and Google Play Stores. That's why we have an affection for iOS & Android development. We're always striving to be a trusted partner for deployment, test and distribution management.

System administration & DevOps

We honor our skills of running multiple servers with complex system architecture - from Nodejs to Ruby, through basic server setup with some of the mainstream NoSQL or SQL databases, running on Linux/Unix OS alongside with Apache or Nginx.
We offer 24/7 remote system administration support with “Get Your Work Done” Guarantee. We can deploy on Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Linode, Windows Azure or whatever the project needs.


We love to support ambitious projects that need customer development, zealous growth hacking, gamification, thoughtful planning, skillful market research, user journey funnel optimizations or something else.
We can cover all of the non-technical things for building a successful strategy for a product or a service: from copywriting to business development activities.

Game development

Our stacked team with game designers and developers are creating games that push the boundaries of web technologies & creativity. Specialized with WebGL or Flash, they have the chops to make any complex idea into a successful gaming experience.

Check out one of their latest open-sourced MMO WebGL game called WarCluster.