6-Week AI Product Creation: Our Agile Venture Building within Paddle AI

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Join us on this transformative 6-week expedition of creating a captivating Minimum Viable Product. Discover the secrets behind agile venture building and get ready to embark on an innovation-packed adventure!

Progress is born from challenge. Therefore, we constantly try to achieve more, perform better, and push the boundaries of our potential to reach new heights of success and fulfillment.

We are thrilled to equip you with a challenging alternative to developing a Minimum Viable Product in a short span of 6 weeks.


Is the project ambitious? Oh yes, definitely, but this is not the first time we’re doing something like this. We have done multiple venture sprints before.

In addition, the synergy between our agile, cross-functional approach and Paddle AI Launchpad‘s extensive resources and support framework provides the ideal environment for transparently building in public.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into our exciting journey.

We’re building a “chat with your board” Trello AI power-up, codename: “aissisto”.

Embracing the Challenge with Agility for a Better Venture Building

This is an important juggle.

Juggling with Agile Venture Building by Camplight
Juggling with Agile Venture Building by Camplight

At Camplight, we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the complex landscape of product development with agility and resilience. These two are essential attributes in order to align with changing conditions.

We often follow the practices of Agile Venture Building – an approach that combines agile methodologies with the principles of venture building. It involves breaking down the traditional long-term planning process into shorter, more manageable cycles to increase flexibility and adaptability in the face of changing market dynamics. 

Agile Venture Building focuses on frequent iterations, constant feedback and collaboration between team members, and a customer-centric mindset to drive innovation.


Laying the Groundwork for a Lovable Product

Cross-team Collaboration Circles Engineering and Marketing Clusters
Cross-team Collaboration Circles Engineering and Marketing Clusters

Our cross-functional micro-teams, composed of technical, social, marketing, and sales professionals, work in harmonious synergy to swiftly bring ideas to fruition and engage with early adopters. 

Throughout the product’s lifecycle, we stay open to learning from our users, leveraging their feedback to refine and optimize our offerings. We recognize the journey of Agile Venture Building as a continuous learning process, and we invite you to join us on this adventure.

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Agile methodology has the power to drive efficient and effective product development. This allows us to break down complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks, enabling us to quickly adapt and pivot as needed.

This strategy makes it possible to create products that stand out. For us, prioritizing features isn’t just about functionality, but elements that spark delight and emotional connection.

Why not go the extra mile and create a Minimum Lovable product that will not only meet users’ needs but exceed them?

The more excited people are for your project, the more value will be brought to you early on.

Stats show that highly engaged customers will purchase 90% more often.

The journey toward creating a lovable product begins with a design sprint, a process we’ve previously discussed in our blog post about Utilizing Design Sprints for Growth

On the other hand, the synergy between technical and business clusters allows us to adopt a holistic approach to product development. Of course, this has its challenges – rapid changes in technology, volatile market trends, and evolving user preferences can be daunting. 

Let’s not forget the challenge of finding valid use cases for LLMs, either. From understanding the limitations of LLMs, through the large amount of data some of them require, to coping with the obstacles of the niche market and some regulatory compliances – the spectrum is wide. 

However, our agile methodology allows us to adapt and respond quickly, continuously iterating our solutions based on user feedback and market trends. 

This flexibility and focus on collaboration have allowed us to build a strong, versatile team that consistently delivers innovative, high-quality products.

Looking Forward to Market Engagement

There is no way we could turn our focus towards the future unless we fully engage with the market now

Let’s take Trello as an example. It has over 50  million users. So, the first question in front of us in case we want to create a power-up is: who should benefit from it? It cannot be all 50 million for sure. Then? How do we define our customer base?

Getting an answer is only possible by conducting some research. Plus, we have spent over a decade in the industry – drawing inspiration and insights from our personal experiences becomes second nature.

Our approach is further characterized by a combination of social engagement, targeted marketing, and effective sales strategies aimed at fostering a dynamic user community and gathering invaluable feedback. 

Through active social media campaigns, we aim to attract and engage a diverse range of users whose feedback will be instrumental in refining our offerings. We strive to offer better and more user-friendly products. 

In short, if we had to describe our approach with one word, it would be forward-thinking. We’re committed to building products that deliver value and user satisfaction. And of course, we anticipate that our Minimum Lovable Product will significantly impact the market.

Strategies for Scalable Growth

Building a software product from scratch is challenging and not always prone to success. One thing is sure, though – you have to keep looking ahead to see the big picture. That being said, let’s spend a few words on the strategies for scalable growth. 

Companies that want to sustain growth over the long term, attract investors, and remain competitive in their industries have to scale their business. It’s a proactive approach that ensures they can handle increased demand, maintain quality, and continue to innovate.


Let’s take a brief look at the strategies we apply regularly:

      • Implementing lean improvements

      • Product diversification

      • Scalable infrastructure

      • Strategic partnerships

    What is more, the fusion of artificial intelligence with strategic planning not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that drive expansion. 

    This is why most of our recent projects are strongly influenced by AI innovations and oriented towards harnessing the potential of future AI improvements to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

    Furthermore, adopting an agile approach in development and UI/UX design is crucial for creating adaptable and user-friendly products. For instance, check out what we did with: Assista and Team-GPT

    Fostering Innovation through Hackathons

    Camplighters use the cooperative model, where ideas are shared freely and everyone’s contribution is valued. We started doing hackathons (from hacking and marathon) to facilitate communication, achieve better understanding, and foster innovation.

    These internal events, often intense and exhilarating, serve as a catalyst for creativity and problem-solving, driving us to think outside the box.

    From addressing operational challenges to conceptualizing groundbreaking product ideas, hackathons have been a breeding ground for innovative solutions. 

    Human collaboration is one of our core values. A hackathon is a collaborative endeavor that sees members across teams and disciplines coming together, pooling their collective knowledge, and working towards a common goal.


    about us 3

    You haven’t tried hackathon yet?

    This process of innovation and collaboration not only propels us forward but also enables us to continuously redefine and push the boundaries of what we can achieve. 

    Ready to embark on this exciting journey?

    The Productathon Approach

    Quite often, one thing leads to another. In this case, the hackathon led to what we like calling the productathon. This is our unique process for venture building and product development. It is a revolutionary approach that concentrates on creating new and innovative products in an efficient manner.

    Modeled after the concept of hackathons, a productathon is a focused, intensive period of product development where our cross-functional teams, from engineers to marketers, come together to ideate, prototype, and test new product offerings. 

    It’s an agile method that allows us to promptly address market needs while maintaining a high level of innovation.

    One notable success story is our Fairlight which was conceptualized, developed, and launched within a single productathon.


    Example of a Plan for Product Sprint
    Example of a Plan for Product Sprint


    The journey of Agile Venture Building is an adventure of constant learning, adaptation, and growth. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity. 

    We’re not afraid to jump in. Even if that means failure sometimes. Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup says, “The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else”. And that’s what we do. We learn all the time. 

    The real hero of this story is not the hackathons or productathons themselves, but the Agile Venture Building approach they represent. 

    Embracing agility allows prompt response to market trends and consumer needs, fostering an environment of continuous innovation and improvement. This approach empowers us to create groundbreaking products efficiently, enhancing our competitive advantage and driving our business forward. 

    Do you want to test the power of collaboration and creativity together? If you are a startup or a company looking to scale up to your full potential, we invite you to explore how our productathons can accelerate your growth. 

    To learn more about how Camplight can support your journey in venture building, innovation, and growth, please contact us