Camplight's network is made of two parts

Services that inspire

Clients hire us because we connect experience with motivation. Camplight’s cooperative offer a comprehensive spectrum of business services - we sketch, design, prototype, build, deploy, measure and grow all for the sake of progress.

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Ventures that ignite

We ideate, bootstrap, launch, accelerate and grow. The products we’re creating are innovative digital-based solutions that create value for society and their markets as part of their core operations.

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of being

We approach every project with the ambition to ignite its flame, and help it grow into a digital entity that will bring light to humanity.

This is our main drive. Everything we do to help is supported by our desire and professional skills. We don’t want people to “battle” with technology so they can use it - that’s why we invest our energy in crafting products that are between innovation and mainstream adoption.



The only way to build long-lasting trust in a community is to be open to each other. When everybody is transparent enough with their intentions, communications, and work, people tend to be more helpful and look out for each other.

This network of trust creates ripples of confidence and faith which leads to a more self-sustaining & balancing organization.


This is the essence of every self-organizing community. With Freedom comes great responsibility, that’s why we follow best practices:
  • Collaboration instead of delegation in work.
  • Everybody can work on what they want, how they want and when they want.
  • We love doing products with intention - creating digital sparks for progress. For local and global communities to use.


We value progress in any form - not only organizational or business based but also scientific, personal and spiritual.
  • We see opportunities over obstacles.
  • Personal development to world-leading standards is our way of living.


It doesn't matter who is the boss or the manager - we are taking the initiative having trust in positive habits:
  • We value “managers-of-one” people - who don’t need to follow someone in order to do their job.
  • “Get your work done” attitude


We value ourselves the same as we value others by taking full responsibility of our own actions.

Team members

Anton Developer
Boris Developer
Galya Developer
Georgi Developer
Ilko Developer
Ivan Developer
Ivo Developer
Jasen Developer
Konstantin Generalist
Margarita Generalist
Marin Business Development
Martin Developer
Martina Developer
Naska Business Development
Petar Developer
Petar Developer
Svilen Developer
Todor Developer
Veronika Designer
Veselin Developer
Vitaliy Developer
Camplight is an invite-only community. This increases the trust levels in our network. That’s why we expand organically. We try not to overextend in order to stay lean & agile. Every community member shares Camplight’s purpose of being.

We are

always searching

for people who share our core ideology with specific skills for

Web development
Angular, React, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, PHP
Project management
Leading, Coordination
Business Development
Growth, Sales
Camplight’s idea was born out of necessity to do more meaningful work in the nowadays business-oriented world. Camplight’s network quickly expanded to 15 contributors and 4 active members. We pioneered as an entirely remote company, primarily as a collective of individuals doing contract work. See the first version of our site.
Camplight’s network organically grew to 35 people including the active members. We connected to other flat, transparent, decentralised networks around the globe. We continued to work with clients in a more team oriented way and even held our first retreat in a cabin in the mountain with wifi. See the second version of our site.
We started incubating & accelerating some of our first startup initiatives - Moneyflow, UI Hero, Edukami. We began to realise the real potential of a collective as “Social Enterprise” entered our vocabulary. We also pivoted to something like a virtual hackerspace - an invite-only community with shared expenses.
We polished our mission, vision, and value statements. We gathered together as more skillful, experienced and organized collective. That's why our mission became to create world-class experiences for the web, mobile and beyond.
We continued go grow and learn. Along the way, we made new friendships and expanded our team. You can checkout our public transparency report

2016 was also the year when we said goodbye to Pavel Dobrev, who passed away. Pavel was one of Camplight's co-founders. He was a honest and courageous man, and a close friend. His memory will live on in those who had the honor of knowing him.
We reshaped our minds and bodies as we constantly learn and planned to head towards building Camplight with base foundation as healthy-life-style company.

This was the year which showcased that Camplight can manage to be mature and sustainable company in both good events and crisis...

Check out our public transperency report 2017
We delivered, we improved and we evolved.

The year which we faced tremendous challanges on personal, team and organizational level.
We excelled on all of them together and one by one.

Sadly we didn’t have the energy to make a public transparency report 2018 🤷
We got more and we got better.

An year which we took on our previous expirience and knowhow and upgraded towards dimensions which weren't even possible to imagine before.

Check out our public transperency report 2019
The world experienced the covid19 pandemic and thus we too. Thankfully to ISUN, EU and Bulgarian goverment (bg version only) we were granted with funding which came just at the right place and time.

Hard times pushes inovation, and so we inovated in our internal operations making them suitable to upcoming changes. The year marks our internal rollout of improved Camplight organizational model code named 'platformCoop'.

This is the year when Camplight launched in public its first product
A year in pandemic and internal improvements,
a year in polishing the organization's 'platformCoop' model.

The year in wihch Camplight launched in public its second product

In March 2022, a grant was received under the Grant Procedure BG16RFOP002-2.089 "Support for small enterprises with a turnover of over BGN 500,000 to overcome the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic" of the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness 2014 -2020.

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